Press Supplies

  • Core Stop Bands Core Stop Bands

    Core Stop Bands

    For 1, 1 1/2, and 3 inch cores shafts, these 3/32 thick x 5/8 inch wide elastic bands act as a position stop when reloading empty cores. They expand when core inflates and holds tightly when deflated. A must for rapid turret rewind operations!Price is...

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  • Anti-Static Tinsel

    Anti-Static Tinsel

    Designed with highly conductive 100% copper that eliminates static on contact.  No power required. Copper strands are soft and flexible not to damage substrates. Size: 1.25" Diameter x 36 ft lengths.   Sold in box containing (2) 36 ft...

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  • Anti-Static Cord, Stretch

    Anti-Static Cord, Stretch

    Designed with highly conductive Thunderon microfibers to eliminate positive and negative static on contact. No power required. Cord stretches to 100% of its length allowing for improved positioning and avoiding snags.This strong 1/8 inch dia. cord is...

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  • Magnet Mount Kit

    Magnet Mount Kit

    Magnet Mounting kit, sold in quantities of 2 pieces. Mount these magnets on machine frame, stretching Anti-static Cord across web.Size: 1.4 Diameter x .28 thickMetal backing with .19 hole for static cord mounting. Instructions: Anti-Static Cord -...

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  • Mesh Sleeve

    Mesh Sleeve

    Eliminates the use of paper cores and saves money with "reusable" expandable sleeve. Design for 3" air expanding shafts and ideal for lamination rewind applications.As with paper cores, this sleeve grips the shaft when inflated and removes easily when...

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  • Roll Support Roll Support

    Roll Support

    TThis roll support keeps your roll nice and straight.Made out of durable but lightweight 1/4 inch thick clear acrylic in 3 sizes: 12" OD, 18" OD and 24" OD.The 3 1/8 ID does not interfere with 3" air shaft expansion.

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