Misc. Press Supplies

  • Knurled Clamp Screw Knurled Clamp Screw

    Knurled Clamp Screw

    Knurled Screw Clamp Quick and Tooless repositioning of air slitter assemblies with better accuracy. The knurled screw clamp replaces the standard slotted screw on the Air Slitter Assembly (ref. part# 10055). It locks the assembly in place by hand without...

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  • Dial Thickness Gauge-Mitutoyo Dial Thickness Gauge-Mitutoyo

    Dial Thickness Gauge-Mitutoyo

    Item: Mitutoyo-Dial Thickness Gauge Grip Style: Ergonomic Grip Throat Depth: 30 mm (1.1811 inches) Dial thickness gauges find the thickness of flat stock like sheet metal or paper.  Specifications Mfr #:7300A Item: Dial Thickness Gauge Grip...

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  • Ink Pan Scraper

    Ink Pan Scraper

    Large stir stick, designed to easily and effectively agitate ink in your fountain while your print job is running. Can also be used to remove excess ink after your fountain has been drained. With the two resting slots, it is always conveniently located...

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  • Tint Sleeves

    Tint Sleeves

    Tint Sleeves / Flood Coater   EPDM Black / White Most common for printing applications applying UV Vanish, Water Based & Alcohol Based Inks   MagnaFlex®55 Gray Used to achieve an ultra-smooth lay-down without getting an orange-peel...

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  • Wax String, air bladder

    Wax String, air bladder

    Wax String ideal for tying and sealing air bladder tubes. Approximately 1/32" diameter coated in a thin layer of wax. Sold in 25 foot long spools. For help with tying instructions - download instructions: Wax String Instructions

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  • Brush, Arpeco 13" or 16"

    Brush, Arpeco 13" or 16"

    Replacement brush with steel backing and black nylon bristles. Overall height is 1-1/2" with bristles 1-3/16 long.Offered in two different lengths, 13" and 16". Please select size from drop down menu.13" web are 13.25" long16" web are 16.25" longOther...

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  • Arpeco Rubber Air Bladder

    Arpeco Rubber Air Bladder

    Latex air bladder material, used in the unwind shaft, rewind shaft and splicing clamps. Smooth, soft, expandable, and retains shape. Amber in color.We sell the material in various diameters and wall thickness. Please select size (from drop down menu)...

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  • Brayer Roller

    Brayer Roller

    Durable steel construction with smooth hard rubber roller. Provides smooth rolling for years of use. Ideal for using it to mount flexo plates. Available 4" and 6" roll widths. When ordering please select size from drop down menu.

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