Blades and Holders

The Rotoflex and Arpeco slitter blades are one of our best sellers.  We also stock score blades that come in 3 different sharpness.  Buy Today!

  • RD Score Blade with Bearing

    RD Score Blade with Bearing

    Replacement blade for RD score holders. Precision double bevel 45 degree blade ground and razor sharp. Made from the finest tool steel. Bearing included. Size: 1.25 OD x .625 ID x .20 wide For ordering the bearing and axle seperately, see below.

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  • RD Axle - Slip Fit

    RD Axle - Slip Fit

    Axle for RD score blade item no. 10035. Made out of hardened steel, for RD holders that require a "slide-in" axle fit (that is secured in place by set screws on the end of the RD holder). Size: .2498 Dia x 3/4 Lg

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  • Air Slitter Holder

    Air Slitter Holder

    This air loaded narrow blade holder is only 1/2 inch wide. Accepts 3" OD score or perforator blades with .866 or .748 ID. The holder mounts to a standard dovetail bar. Quick blade change out, no tools required. 1 Blade, 1 bearing and 1 axle included...

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  • Score Slitter Blade, 3" OD

    Score Slitter Blade, 3" OD

    Made with hardened tool steel and precision ground edge. Offered in a Cameron style with .866 bore and Dusenbery style with .748 bore. 3.03 OD score blade with 45 degree double bevel angle, .244 thick. When ordering, select edge style: Sharp, 0.002...

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  • Bearing


    Precision radial bearing compatible with score and perforator blades. .748 OD bearing x 6mm ID supplied with metal shields as shown. .866 OD bearing x 8mm ID supplied with metal shields as shown. Please specify size when ordering.

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  • Blade Axle

    Blade Axle

    Axle designed to be used with .866 OD or .748 OD blade bearings. When ordering, please specify size: 6mm dia axle fit .748 OD bearing 8mm dia. axle fit .866 OD bearing

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  • Air Fitting

    Air Fitting

    Quick connect air fitting, EURO or US style, with 1/8 NPT male thread connection. Compatible with slitter holder, item # 10055. Hose sold seperately. Please specify style when ordering.

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