Rags & Wipes

  • Wypall X60 Cloths

    Wypall X60 Cloths

    WYPALL X60 CLOTHS BEST general purpose wiper. Reusable cloth to replace assorted rags.   - Absorbs 2x more water/oil than rags for fast cleanup.  -Tough for big jobs/ Soft enough for face & hands - Rinse & Reuse -Leaves 9 times less...

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  • Wypall X70 Cloths

    Wypall X70 Cloths

    WYPALL X70 Cloths T Shirt rag replacement, reusable cloth with high fluid absorbency   - Leaves 9 times less lint than rags - Can absorb water 5 times its weight - Rinse & Reusable - Clean & Consistent cloth every time - Portable dispensers...

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